The aeramist Refill Double Bundle

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Yours & Theirs - Our double bundle features 2 aerapy atomisers and 2 refills, perfect as a holiday gift or as a treat.

Each set comes with a limited aerapy gift pouch. 

Buy your aeramist together with our signature, scented hand sanitiser to make sure you don't run out.

Each set comes with a limited edition aerapy gift pouch (2 pouches total for the double bundle)

The aeramist 

This atomiser brings luxury to your everyday ventures into the outside world. Each twist-top aeramist has a unique, marble pattern and is truly special to you.

To refill, simply pull up the gold top to remove the glass vial with caution, unscrew and add more sanitiser liquid.

Please note that the aeramist does not come filled with sanitiser. Using refillable atomisers helps reduce single use, plastic waste.


Our scented, aerapy hand sanitiser is the perfect match for your luxury aeramist. Enjoy the subtle, floral scent with each spritz.

We call these our 'smart refills' as these mighty little bottles double up as surface disinfectant for travelling and as refills in one. To top up your aerapy atomiser, simply unscrew the top and pour. Each bottle provides 10 refills for your aerapy atomiser. 

UK Made. Please recycle bottles after use

Ingredients: 80% Ethanol, Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aqua

Based on the World Health Organisation recommended Formula

Contains 100ml